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The new issue of Steamshovel Press has hit the newsstands! Pick up the latest production of “the thinking person’s conspiracy magazine” today. Its contents include:

John Judge on 9/11: John Judge has worked as a scholar of parapolitics for decades, having been raised in the shadow of the Pentagon and been educated by the very model of conspiracy researchers, Mae Brussell; and having founded the premier JFK assassination activist group, the Coalition on Political Assassinations. Join Steamshovel editor Kenn Thomas as he has Judge he has Judge review the actual conspiracy history of 9/11-not the government version and not the whacked out “no-planer” disinformationists.


Jim Hougan on Deep Throat: The renown author of Secret Agenda, Spooks and Kingdom Come, offers the final word on Mark Felt, the recently confessed component piece of “Deep Throat”, the whistle blower of Watergate.

Parapolitical sleuth Adam Gorightly declares “Tuesday Weld Is Watching You” as he gets a first-hand look at a conspiratorial cosmology involving sex kitten Tuesday Weld, descendant from a bloodline of Druid witches, who secretly influenced such counterculture luminaries as the Beatles and the Rolling Stone, and exercising her occult power in the realms of political intrigue. Learn the shocking truth about the occult societies of Santa Cruz!

Greg Bishop and Michael Salla debate Project Beta - the disinfo project involving the rumored extraterrestrial/ government alliance in the caverns of Dulce, New Mexico - and the exopolitics of UFOs.

X. Sharks DeSpot on the commodification on North Korea: John Kaminski on various warring factions of 9/11 skeptics; Len Bracken reviews the failures of the 9/11 Commission Report on its first anniversary; Skylaire Alfvegren reports form the 50th anniversary event at Area 51; Uri Dowbenko looks at the current media environment in “Fake Terror. Fake News. Fake Entertainment” …and much more!

$7 from Kenn Thomas, POB 210553, St. Louis, MO 63121. Four issue subscription: $25. All checks payable to “Kenn Thomas” NOT “Steamshovel Press”.

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