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* John Judge on 9/11
* Jim Hougan on Deep Throat
* Parapolitical sleuth Adam Gorightly
* Greg Bishop and Michael Salla debate Project Beta
* X. Sharks DeSpot on the commodification on North Korea
* John Kaminski on various warring factions of 9/11 skeptics
* Len Bracken reviews the failures of the 9/11 Commission Report
   on its first anniversary
* Skylaire Alfvegren reports form the 50th anniversary event at Area 51
* Uri Dowbenko looks at the current media environment in “Fake
  Terror. Fake News. Fake Entertainment”
* And much more...!
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* Parapolitics! By Kenn Thomas, p. 3
* He Stole the 2000 Election by Rob Sterling, p. 7
* Jesus Christ, Mason of God by Acharya S, p. 14
* The Gilded Age of Biodefense by Roy Lisker, p. 21
* Caries, Cabals and Correspondence by the Readers, p. 30
* Passion of the Christ: Jesuit Theater of
   Cruelty by Uri Dowbenko, p.35
* Saucer Section: Project Beta: An Adventure
   in the Disinformation Age by Greg Bishop, p.39
* Masonic Iconography by Max Well, page 44
* Book Reviews, page 47
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