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Secrets of Suppressed Science and History
By Uri Dowbenko

They Cast No Shadows

Book Review:
They Cast No Shadows: A collection of essays on the Illuminati, revisionist history and suppressed technologies
by Brian Desborough
(2002; Writers Club Press/

      "Throughout recorded history, the Illuminati has successfully withheld from humankind major aspects of history and science in order to subjugate the masses," writes Brian Desborough in his extraordinary book "They Cast No Shadows."

      "Historical, religious and political truths have been withheld from the general public in order to perpetuate armed conflict," he continues. "Similarly if the presently suppressed technology were to be made commercially available, disease, famine and environmental pollution virtually would become eradicated."

      Despite the severity of many global problems, however, Desborough is optimistic about the future. "The Illuminati and its corrupt lackeys only constitute approximately one percent of the global population," he writes. "The advanced weapons technology and psy-ops capability which exists within the private sector is more than adequate to permanently sever the head of the Illuminati dragon."

      "But is this the optimum means for releasing humanity from the insufferable Illuminati yoke, which has prevented the creation of a veritable planetary paradise?" he asks.

      "Monumental structures, such as the very tallest high-rise buildings, are designed to withstand the damage arising form an airliner impact, yet rapidly collapse if the underpinnings are destroyed by strategically placed shaped charges of explosive. In a similar manner, the Illuminati House of Cards, which is only supported through the dissemination of fear, will collapse if the global populace is made cognizant of the true nature of history, religion and science."

      This is the powerful and irrefutable message of "They Cast No Shadows" -- knowledge and the wisdom resulting from its integration can indeed liberate the minds and hearts of the people.

      Most importantly, the innate power of the spirit can be released. Captivated and controlled by false concepts of science, religion and so-called education (more properly called indoctrination), the spirit of the people is poised to transcend the age-old mental-physical slavery of the Illuminati.

      And even the trauma-based programming of fear and death that goes on lifetime after lifetime to subjugate the people of Terra will be shattered.

      And how do we escape the miasma of an Illuminati controlled planet?

      Investigative writer and researcher Brian Desborough puts his faith in the youth of the world. "This will require the creation of a word-of-mouth pandemic, spread in particular by college students, since their high testosterone levels sustain activism in causes in which they believe," he writes. "Unlike previous eras, when national let alone transnational communication was virtually impossible, the present day internet provides the means by which such a communication pandemic can be accomplished."

      Desborough admits that the process is not easy. "The author has devoted some three decades, under somewhat difficult circumstances to researching and accumulating the data presented in this book in the hope that some young contemporary Paul Revere or a better attired Samuel Adams will posses the communications skills to initiate a word of mouth pandemic and success in collapsing the Illuminati House of Cards."

      After all, this planet is controlled by fear and ignorance. Divide, Conquer and Rule strategies have been used by the Illuminati for millennia.

      You could call them the Power Elite, the Plutocracy, the Global Ruling Class or the Cryptocracy. By manipulating the souls evolving on earth, the Illuminati have deliberately suppressed the spiritual facts of life, not to mention liberating technologies, which could bring plenitude to all.

      "They Cast No Shadow" is a book of unique original research and deep insights into ancient and modern history as well as current events. It is an apocalypse in the original meaning of the word - a revelation of the hidden facts of science and history, which can help people understand the forces of darkness on Terra.

      Mr. Desborough covers a lot of territory in his book - long-forgotten occult history like the location of Atlantis, the Great Pyramid Mystery, the Templars, King Arthur, the Essenes at Qumran, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the origin of the Israelites. He also writes about Advanced Energy Technology, Mind Control, the Communism Scam and McCarthyism Flying Saucers from Planet Earth, as well as the ongoing rivalries between the various Illuminati factions in Europe, China, Russia and the USA.

      The book's title comes from the creepy black magic mantra recited at Illuminati human sacrificial rituals. "What is ours we take tonight; As ring of fire burning bright; We stand behind the burning light; And cast no shadows in the night.

      Author Brian Desborough should be commended for this fascinating book that explores the hidden history of the interconnected family bloodlines known as the Illuminati. The information in this book is really crucial to understanding the hidden history of this planet and their future plans.

      "They Cast No Shadows" is a gripping and entertaining book, a brilliant study of the Illuminati that will join a short list of essential reading on the history of Planet Earth. He compels us to rethink the highlights of myth and legend as our mutual lost history.

      If you want to understand current events from the perspective of suppressed science and politics, this is the book to read. It contains a wealth of new information and insights into that tribe of spiritual laggards known as the Illuminati -- and how they fashioned this world after their own twisted image.

      . "They Cast No Shadows" by Brian Desborough will remain an indispensable addition to every thinking person's library. It can be ordered at

2002, Uri Dowbenko

Uri Dowbenko can be reached at

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