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Timothy Leary

by Kenn Thomas

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the passing of Timothy Leary, friends and fans are invited to the Timothy Leary Reanimation Event at the Institute of Applied Gerontology in Salazar Hall on the campus of California State University in Los Angeles on May 13, 2-5PM. Kenn Thomas, editor of the conspiracy magazine Steamshovel Press, hosts a wide-screen digital replay of Timothy Leary’s finest moments in front of the electronic media. It’s not a documentary about the 60s, not a collage of psychedelic imagery—it’s Tim Leary himself doing dharma combat with the likes of Wally George and Patrick Buchanan among others, and otherwise enlightening the world with stories and commentary on civil rights, consciousness expansion and the cybernetic society.

    “This is rare footage and lecture appearances,” says Thomas, who recently has been migrating his stash of countercultural flashbacks from film and tape to digital playback format. “None of it has previously been used in any documentary. It really gives a good sense of Leary’s personality and philosophy—from the whole tune in and drop out thing to his years as a promoter of high-tech futurism. I’m sure Leary hoped that all those little electrons he was putting out in cyberspace would coalesce to have an impact on people even after this past decade of his de-animation. With luck, this will be only one of many posthumous encores this great psychologist/philosopher will have before a live audience.”

    When not producing his magazine or a new book (his latest, Parapolitics, will be released in May), Thomas works full-time as an archivist. “More than any other philosopher of the decade before this one, Leary deserves not only to be archived but revivified whenever the opportunity arises,” says Thomas.

For more information contact:
Kenn Thomas at
call Marivic Erskine at 323-343-4695.

California State University-Los Angeles
5151 State University Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90032.

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