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"9-11 Conspiracies"
by James DeMeo, Ph.D.

I was a bit perplexed to see all the 9-11 conspiracy stuff in your Steamshovel #22. I've a short list of debunking material on the OBRL weblink page. Probably you know that material, but on the off chance you don't, it's here:

   If I was to make a general criticism, it is on the absence of honest consideration of the standard findings by advocates of those theories -- especially the Islamofascist element. The open confessionals of Ramsi Bin Alshibh and Khalid Shiek Muhammad as recorded in the book "Masterminds of Terror" by Fouda and Fielding stand out prominently, recorded before their capture, but never cited by any of the conspiracy theories to my knowledge. Also some of the later videotapes and letters by Osama Bin Ladin (OBL) and his top associates are less ambiguous in claiming responsibility for 9-11 than the early ones, and of course he and his organization openly took credit for other terror actions before 9-11, such as the African embassy bombings. His fatwa against "crusaders and Jews" calling for all good Muslims to kill Americans and Jews wherever and whenever they can is clear enough.

   If 9-11 was an "inside job" or "CIA/Mossad conspiracy" or any variant of this, then what about Bali, 3-11, 7-7, Beslan, the attacks in Thailand, Kenya, Egypt, Darfur, etc., etc. Are all the Islamist massacres and terror attacks, the on-video throat-cuttings, head-shootings, car-bombings and such, also the actions of the evil USA and Israel? Even within Israel itself? This is what the radical Mullahs often claim, even as they preach violent Jihad, a kind of schitzophrenia which is also an implicit component of the 9-11 conspiracy theories. I believe I am correct to say, this glaring omission is what causes most people to ignore the conspiracy theories. When multiple Middle-Easterners go around the world, screaming Allahua Akbar and blowing themselves up and killing people whose only identifying characteristic is to be non-Muslim (or only "insufficiently extremist" Muslim), the idea that there is some conspiracy beyond the one of an Islamist take-over simply loses credibility. At what point is there discussion about any of the international terror aspect, the abundance of evidence from many nations of Islamic terrorists attacking the infidel, the violence-promotion from the Saudi-funded Wahhabi mosques, the historical material on the old Islamist Caliphate and the goals of OBL and other Islamist groups today to restore that Calipate? There have been over 3000 separate Islamic terrorist attacks around the world since 9-11, murdering people all over, and there is a glaring consistency in motivations and methods throughout, to include the 9-11 attacks. For example, see:

   Seems every 9-11 conspiracy theory wants to exonerate the Muslims, and thereby include into their theory a gigantic blast attacking the USA in one or another manner. This is a central aspect of all the 9-11 "theories" (which by scientific standards, don't rise to the level of being genuine theories, but remain mere speculations). By my estimation, that's their foundational underpinning, something emotionally-driven, anger against big-daddy Bush, often with hard-left "anti-capitalist" aspects, and explains the cherry-picking of evidence, the chronic ignoring of authentic Middle East history (or referencing only the deceiving revisionists like Chomsky or Said) and the impossibility of having rational discussions where the standard evidence is given any consideration whatsoever. Also, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" ideology -- the leftists are critical of US government policies, and so embracing the Islamo-fascists becomes a credible way to gain "allies" -- something like getting friendly and going swimming with an alligator, in my view.

   And both muddle and confusion, bureaucratic inertia and incompetence, always always tend to be elevated into conspiracy, as per screw-ups regarding Pearl Harbor. No matter how much incompetence we see in government, as with the early reaction to Hurricane Katrina, or other stupidities, some always will claim it was "planned ahead", as if the CIA, FBI and other Washington bureaucracies were top-performers and perfect in their intelligence and capacities. As with Louis Farakhan saying the New Orleans levees were blown up to kill black people, when the facts suggest Louisiana and New Orleans were highly corrupt, and the levees were constructed in a sub-standard way due to cronyism and diversion of allocated levee-building funds into local politician's pockets.

   Always always, the end goal seems, to throw mud against the decent core values and populations of the USA (or Israel), to blame the dead victims of Islamic terrorism for their own deaths, or to work towards the utter destruction of the USA and what freedoms we have -- often as a vengeance by those who have deep emotional grudges from past abuses (or perceived abuses) from the establishment -- with elevation of the worst totalitarians and mass-murderers into some status of "misunderstood innocents". Not surprisingly, most in this category spring from the political Left, the same group who organized the murder of Wilhelm Reich, and whose intellectual offspring in the late 20th and early 21st Century continue to wrongly blame on "McCarthyism". Though I note a considerable number of Jew-haters within the 9-11 conspiracy movement, and imagine some of them also do the Hitler thing privately in front of bedroom mirrors. "Kill the Jews" is today not only screeched by neo-Nazis, but by Islamists and even some ultra-leftists. Birds of a feather, flock together.

   Isn't this larger conspiracy-of-silence, about Islamic history, intentions and actions, an integral component of EVERY 9-11 conspiracy theory? Except for the very real one of the Muslims themselves, as dictated in the Koran, to kill infidels and push for ultimate take-over of the world into one giant Islamic Caliphate? Sitting relatively safe in North America (sans an Islamic a-bomb smuggled into our cities, which is not impossible) we can view this idea as ridiculous, but they certainly are serious about it.

Best wishes,

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Natural Energy Works
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Greensprings Center
PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA
e-mail: demeo(at) or

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