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"Media Monotone"
by Kenn Thomas

      The view of the last space shuttle launch on the television where I was staying in Manhattan looked different than it had in previous launches. Ordinarily the videocams shoot from a side angle of the shuttle, but this time they were pointed toward the rear, jet plumes facing the viewer. The angle made the ascent seem slower, of course. In fact, it looked like the Star of David slowly lifting up to heaven.

      Maybe I had too much Israel on my mind. This launch was the first with an Israeli astronaut, and with a 300 member Israeli team monitoring. It also had an extra degree security, ostensibly because of the terrorist threat, but conveniently also providing an extra layer of protection for whatever secret payload this one had.

      I also was thinking about the purpose of this visit to New York, though, a panel entitled "Monotone Media and Voices on the Margins" for j-school alums of Medill and Syracuse. I was the representative conspiracy "theorist", of course, flanked by a Marxist; someone from a media watchdog group; an editor of a pre-Christian European culture journal (a kind of a Satanist); and a financial news writer. (A complete list of the participants went out in an issue of TAGS, the Steamshovel e-wire.} The setting and the topic -- how various points of view get screened out of the mainstream media -- I felt would inevitably lead to an acrimonious room full of people fighting over the extent of Jewish control on the media. I had seen it happen many times at various conferences.

      To the great credit of the person who organized the panel, someone who had no prior experience with this sort of thing, that question was saved for last, allowing time for many more questions about the media to be discussed by the panel. But it did ignite an argument, put up by an ardent audience member, and was well defended by the media watchdog guy. It devolved around the editorial control of the rightist magazine National Review, no doubt to choked-back yawns from all but the two who were arguing.

      Previously, media watchdog man (I am avoiding panelist names to get more to the point) brought up Matt Hale, founder of the racist World Church of the Creator, now charged with seeking to arrange the killing of a federal judge. Actually, he called him "David" Hale, and this became a slip exposing the subliminal control over him by the Jews, according to one critic. I attempted to correct, "isn't it Tom Hale?", showing the extent to which I'm controlled by the Welsh. "Matt!" someone chimed in from the audience, to which I replied, "whatever--the Illinois Nazi," a line from Dan Aykroyd that puts a little perspective on the likes of Hale while Bush cronies, major fascists with actual power, are now poised to wreak hell and kill hundreds of thousands in Iraq.

      The New York Press, which I am sure qualifies to many as liberal and Jewish influenced, characterized me as the "famed" member of the panel, but the Vanguard News Network, a neo-Nazi web presence, said I was the panelist "hitting far harder" than the others. The latter comment stemmed from my insistence that a network of Israeli spies using the cover of being "art students" surely had foreknowledge of 9/11, and that the mainstream media had suppressed the story. (See The Shadow Government by Len Bracken.)

      That was one of many fishy stories left unattended by the mainstream, for a variety of reasons not the least of which is that it embarrasses Israel.

      Unfortunately, another such tale, the short selling spree on Wall Street that followed 9/11, did not get asked or answered on the panel. This, despite the presence of the financial news writer, who primarily argued that he just writes "good stories" and hopes people likes them enough that he'll get published. He had written a history of American Express that did not even have a footnote observing the fact that Warren Buffet first bought into American Express after a similar short selling spree following the JFK assassination. (See Mind Control, Oswald & JFK).

      That's a good story. Why no mention? Did he not know parapolitical history, which would have amply demonstrated how the media filters out uncomfortable facts. Or did he not think it fit to broach such a subject so close to such a powerful player still on the scene? For mainstream journalists, it's all about access, something they might lose if they tell the bad stories about the wrong people--a process that is easily understandable and a path that certainly the "Jewish influence" follows.

      Both the Marxist and the media watchdog panelists said they opposed including racist and Nazi perspectives into the broader media discourse, a position I thought was at odds with the purpose of the panel. (I later learned that one activist group actually has the ultimate oxymoronic motto: "No free speech for fascists!")

      When the mass media blocks out separatists and racists of any stripe, it has censored a perspective that would otherwise contribute to the public's understanding of the world.

      Why is it that the same mass media also blocks progressive points of view, reactionary ones, Marxist, anarchist, radical feminist, Earth Firsters, etc.?

      One doesn't have to think Jews are behind it all to wonder about the obvious: does the false dialogue of the liberal-conservative mainstream factions--and the endless parade of toadies and pseudo-celebrities like Bill O'Reilly and Paula Zahn--best serve the profit interest of the one global corporate party?

      How can such a thing be so at odds with the true diversity of perspectives on earth?

      "Monotone Media and Voices on the Margins" will be broadcast at and at's Radio Mysterioso site at times yet to be determined, but hopefully also the program will be archived for later listening. CD recordings of the discussion might become available to the public at a reasonable price. For more information on that, send e-mail to

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