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by Uri Dowbenko

Hoodwinked: Watching Movies with Eyes Wide Open

'Meet the Fockers': Silly Goys Love Jewsploitation

      People sometimes ask me, "Uri, are you Jewish?"

      And I say, "No. But I could be. If the price was right."

      That reminds of the time when former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright "discovered" she was Jewish. Shortly thereafter, she was invited into some choice Republican scams like the James Baker shakedown of Kuwait for Iraqi debt forgiveness.


      Now LA Times columnist Joel Stein, trying to explain the success of "Meet the Fockers" has written a catty column called "Why Hot, WASPy Chicks Love Jews" (Jan. 9, 2005).

      Stein however doesn't use the word "goy" or "shiksa" even once, while he harangues his readers about what he calls "Jewsplotation."

      In Yiddish, "goy" is a non-Jew, while "shiksa" is a non-Jew female. As in "That blonde shiksa (actress Kate Capshaw) married Steven Spielberg when he was only worth $58 million."

      "This is embarrassing to admit, but we thought you didn't like us," Stein whines,in his off-handed bitch-slap to the ignorant goys of America. "So while we Jews were controlling the media, we tried to avoid putting actual Jewish characters in front of you. Seinfield, sure. But we made George Costanza Italian. We gave Craig Kilborn a talk show.

      "But now that you've spent about $200 million to laugh at Ben Stiller's mega-Jewish parents dealing with his WASPy soon-to-be-in- laws in 'Meet the Fockers,' we feel comfortable showing you our big Jewish selves," he continues. "Philosemetism, which is so new we had to invent a word for it, has led to a whole new genre: Jewsploitation."

      Stein's tongue-in-cheek smugness is self-evident when he writes, "You let us into your country clubs, gave us your women and encouraged our most annoyingly self-righteous member to run for president. So now that we've assimilated to the point where we're completely the same as white people, we're trying to re-create a community by shoving our culture down your throats. The bizarre part is that the same masses who saw 'The Passion of the Christ' are into it.

      That's silly goys to you, pal. As in stupid stupid Christians. When will they ever learn?

      "With 'Meet the Fockers,' otherwise sane people in red states were willing to fork over $6 — or however much they pay for movies in their Third World economy — to hang out with my parents for two hours,' Stein writes.

      In other words, you goyish moviegoers put up with the annoyance of people like my Jewish parents -- and even paid good money for the experience. Can you believe it?

      In typical L.A. fashion, Stein, the poor schlub, somehow confuses "hot WASPy chicks" with "trophy wives," but this is a guy who can equate Jews with black people.

      "And I love Jewsploitation," Stein writes. "It's what we were doing already anyway. When you belong to a people who can completely pass as white, you have the luxury of exploiting your difference when it's to your advantage and hiding it when it's not. It's why we crafted this clever but adorably harmless image. We've infantilized ourselves. Because hot WASPy chicks love babies.

      "Pass as white"? That's probably why Stein makes fun of the "schwartzes" all the time. Yuck. Yuck.

      That reminds me of a Jewish friend of mine who said that the reason circumcision was promoted so much in America was so that Jew haters would "never again" be able to recognize Jews by the appearance of their "schlong."

      Jewsploitation? Is that like Anti-Semitism?

      Let's see if the ADL goes after Joel Stein as a "self-hating Jew."

      Naah. I wouldn't bet on it.

* URI DOWBENKO is a media analyst and the author of "Hoodwinked: Watching Movies With Eyes Wide Open" His website is

For more information on Dowbenko's books Bushwhacked & Hoodwinked.

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* URI DOWBENKO is one of Alternative Media’s foremost writers and media analysts and the author of "Bushwhacked: Inside Stories of True Conspiracy". A distinctive voice of modern American journalism, he is also the founder of Alternative Media websites: Conspiracy, Al Martin, Steamshovel, and Conspiracy His latest book to be published in Spring 2004 is called "Hoodwinked: Watching Movies with Eyes Wide Open", the most politically incorrect movie reviews ever published. He can be reached at

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