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by Uri Dowbenko

Hoodwinked: Watching Movies with Eyes Wide Open

‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’:
Witchcraft for Dummies

      Just as Mel Gibson’s movie ‘Kill Jesus’ (not to be confused with ‘Kill Bill’) introduced millions to the “joys” of “Christian” sadism & masochism, the Harry Potter books and movies have promoted the Occult and Secret World of Witchcraft.

      In fact, the success of the books of J.K. Rowling (or her ghostwriters) is due to mankind’s endless fascination with the Astral Plane -- the dimension of time-space that is the Collective Unconscious and the fount of dreams, nightmares and fear, as well as emotional pain and trauma that lasts for lifetimes.

      ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ then is an illustrated guide to the Astral Plane, as seen through the eyes of the Illuminati and their scribes.

      After all, it’s not easy being an Illuminati kid. First there’s boarding school, being sent away packing, since Illuminati don’t have any time for kids. They’re too busy running the world, of course. That was the point of ‘Princess Diaries’ (for Illuminati girls) and ‘Spiderman’ (for Illuminati boys).

      Who’s got time for Life - when your fate is sealed -- because you have to take your place in the Illuminati Family Business, i.e. turning Chaos into Order on Planet Earth?

      In the case of Harry Potter, the Astral Plane setting is where the darkest fears of childhood co-exist with the spooky Hogwarts Academy, a false “alternative” community of witches and wizards who provide a sanctuary from “ordinary mortals” called Muggles.

      After leaving his step-parents, Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) is taken for an Astral Bus ride to the Leaky Cauldron Inn, and then by ghost train on to Hogwarts, the occult boarding school for witches and wizards in training.

      In this third Harry Potter movie, which is really about teenage angst, Harry and his friends Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) are going through the rigors and trials of adolescence. They also continue their Adventures in the Astral Plane, where monsters, chimeras, shape-shifters, werewolves, time travel and countless creepy things go on to everyone’s consternation. You know - like in a nightmare.

      Hogwarts itself is a magic castle set in the Astral Plane, where countless dimensions of time and space coincide. Ghost knights from medieval times gallop through the halls, while the paintings on the wall are inhabited by entities and discarnates (beings without a physical body) from past eras of history.

      Sirius Black (Gary Oldman) is supposed to be a wizard who escapes Azkaban Prison and may or may not be in pursuit of Harry. (And this is where Cliff Notes for Harry Potter would come in handy, as well as subtitles for the actors’ heavy Brit accents.)

      Astral phenomena include a half-horse/ half-eagle creature called a hippogriff, calculated to jog ancient memories of Atlantis, when the Sons of Belial (the wizards and witches of the day) produced such hybrid creatures, according to Edgar Cayce. Some of these chimeras had “monstrous combinations of human physiques and animal appendages such as hooves, claws, feathers wings and tails. It was these strange creatures who later were to be so mysteriously depicted in Egyptian and Assyrian inscriptions,” writes Lytle Robinson in “Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man.”

      Since the purpose of the Harry Potter books and movies is to promote witchcraft and black magic, the dangers of these occupations to those who are spiritually inclined should be noted.

      For example, “Intermediate Studies of Alchemy by Saint Germain” provides these insights -- “We warn of the degradations of witchcraft and black magic. Remember that the goal of spiritual alchemy is to create nobility in the soul and virtue everywhere, particularly in the realm of the self. For how can men extend to the boundaries of other lives that which they cannot manifest in their own?”

      “Here lies the great error of the impatient black magician or the advocate of witchcraft. He is not willing to wait for the externalization of his own spiritual dedication and the release of the divine afflatus into the capsule of identity before exerting his energies on behalf of controlling the universe.” (p 182)

      Witchcraft is the abuse of power to manipulate energies in the physical/astral plane, a temptation for those who understand and command the spiritual realities of life. As in “If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.” (Matt 4:3)

      As opposed to the internalization of God-powers or siddhis, witchcraft is the exercise of a defiant will, not the spiritual evolution and alchemy, which bring these gifts to fruition.

      ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ is a cinematic tour of the Astral Plane and its allures, as well as an expensive commercial for the “Do what thou wilt” consciousness and the netherworld forces of witchcraft.

      “The present age is a replica in many ways of ancient Atlantis at its height,” writes Robinson, “and our technology can therefore be better understood in the light of Atlantean accomplishments. Atlanteans are now reincarnating in the earth in large numbers and as the cycle of mankind progresses through the laws of karma - action and reaction - men are faced once again with a world of their own making. Our high civilization presents the first opportunity, under similar circumstances, not only to recompense for the many evils committed, but to choose once more between the use of nature’s forces for constructive or destructive purposes.”

      Another option is offered in the “Practical Alchemy” chapter of Intermediate Studies of Alchemy, “Man cannot bargain with God. Nevertheless Cosmos is far more ready to give every good and perfect gift to man, than man is ready to receive it…

      “By incorrect attitudes, men have kept themselves from the kingdom of heaven. They have sought through magic and, unfortunately, even through witchcraft to win for themselves that which could be obtained on a permanent basis, only by willing submission to the will of God, to his intents and his purposes.”

      Let’s reiterate. Witchcraft is for dummies.

Copyright © 2004 Uri Dowbenko. All Rights Reserved.

* URI DOWBENKO is one of Alternative Media’s foremost writers and media analysts and the author of "Bushwhacked: Inside Stories of True Conspiracy". A distinctive voice of modern American journalism, he is also the founder of Alternative Media websites: Conspiracy, Al Martin, Steamshovel, and Conspiracy His latest book to be published in Spring 2004 is called "Hoodwinked: Watching Movies with Eyes Wide Open", the most politically incorrect movie reviews ever published. He can be reached at

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